The shape of Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre subtly recalls earth-related phenomena, like volcanic eruptions and the geometry of cracks, faults and craters, without directly resembling any of them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Shape generation diagram

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Shape generation diagram

The movement of the roof and interior spaces underneath seek to capture the tension of a body that is about to explode releasing energy from the earth. The spectrum coloured lights have been chosen to represent this man-made energy.

The continuity between the roof and the site enhances the feeling of a building arisen from the ground. The roof inclination gets gradually steeper and steeper allowing natural light to enter the different sectors through openings of different sizes.

One single, distinctive space binds different functions together, shrinking and expanding according to the specific spatial needs.

The entrance hall is directly connected with the main hall, with the cafè/library space and with the training performance evaluation section. Here it is also possible to get tickets and information about the different activities.

The main hall is the axis around which the whole centre articulates. It shows a clear hierarchy where core activities and main entrance are in correspondence with a wider space for circulation. The colours and the shape favour visual orientation and after the visit of every sector the main hall welcomes back and re-orientates the visitors.

Drawing inspiration from a typical Islamic pattern based on a hexagonal grid, the internal façade system modulates spectrum coloured lights through a difference in density.  The decoration pays tribute to Islamic traditional patterns and colours, in a contemporary and experimental way, refining the space of the main hall.

The lights are stronger as they get closer to the skylight, so that the coloured lights became visible from outside at night enhancing the main intention.







Eternal fire


I. D. P. E. C.

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