Flying Bi is inspired by the shape and significance of the Jade Bi disc, an important artifact for the Liangzhu culture. This delicate floating pavilion oscillates gently with the wind and conveys new, yet familiar feelings of freedom and protectiveness. The appearance of the translucent balloon combined with the ever-changing colors of the sky recalls the materiality of jade.

The Pavilion challenges the conventional understanding of gravity by reversing the direction of the loads. The lighter-than-air structure, creates a space without imposing weight on the ground. The balloon is made of high performance polyethylene thin film filled with helium to create lift.

The cables securing the balloon to the ground and supporting the net are woven in a hyperboloidal pattern. The top surface features thin film photovoltaic cells installed to harvest energy from the sun and to distribute it to the users through the spots wirelessly charging mobile devices.

The site on Jade Island has been chosen to welcome both locals and visitors, in order to facilitate their encounter and exchange. Flying Bi provides an iconic and comfortable vantage point to admire the beautiful panorama around Jade island.


Flying Bi



Public Art Competition

East Lake Tai,China


Site A first prize winner