The project consists of a subtle gesture which responds to the specific topographic conditions of Lausanne. The city is sloping down to the lake Leman and the top floor of its buildings offer the much craved views of its main body of water.

An inclined roof inverts the natural topography, it provides the city centre with a public space with a panorama of the lake and unusual views of the old city. The view of the lake, usually exclusive to the top floor of private buildings, is made available to everyone in a very central location.

1. Site and exhisting buildings

2. Pull up -> making space underneath the roof

3. Lively piazza -> views to the lake and to the old city

The gentle slope defines two spaces, a piazza above and a lively collection of leisure functions below. Located in close proximity to the central station, the site is a gateway to the city, the new piazza welcomes both locals and newcomers and facilitates their encounter and exchange.

The Sports centre is oriented and organized to maximize the exposure to natural daylight. The new insertion integrates and re-uses three existing buildings on the site.



" The city rises "


Multifunctional center in Lausanne

Diploma project

AAM, USI, Switzerland