The shape of the house appears different when seen from different angles and it can only be visually grasped in full if the viewer revolves around it.

The optical effect makes the elevation look like a perfect square when observed from an angle perpendicular to its short sides, or it lends it the familiar image of the pitched roof house when seen from a diagonal perspective.

This feature provides a dynamic relationship between two and three-dimensionality and between the traditional and the contemporary image of a house in one single shape.

The compact volume ensures a minimum ground occupation and facilitates the adaptation to different contexts. The plan clearly expresses the hierarchy between main and secondary functions of the house.

The different lengths of the sides in plan are regulated according to the golden ratio. Covered porches on the ground floor and balconies on the first floor are carved into the compact volume and harmoniously integrated in the essential body of the house.

The shape of the house is designed as a module capable of being aggregated in different configurations and clusters with various dwellings and communal spaces.



Wooden house


Competition entry